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Inheriting from non muslim parents

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My husband and I are both converts to Islam. Our parents are not Muslims. Please can you clarify the rules of inheriting from our parents?


Whether or not one gets any part of the inheritance of one’s non-Muslim parents and if one does then exactly how much would the share be, is completely subject to the law of the land of residence of the parents and/or the decision or will of the parents.

Islam does not stop you from inheriting from a non-Muslim relative; therefore, you are permitted to get a share of inheritance from such a relative, if the law of the land allows you such a share. On the other hand, being a non-Muslim relative, he would obviously not be bound to distribute his wealth according the Islamic law of inheritance, therefore the share, if any, of any Muslim children of non-Muslim parents would also be at the discretion and decision of the parents.

I hope this helps.

Moiz Amjad

October 5, 2004

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