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Prayers and Pictures

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Why is it said that one can not pray in a room with pictures. Can you please shed light with respect to Hadith/Sunnah?



Salaam sister

When we collect and analyze all the ahadith on the topic of portraits and image making, we find that the prohibition pertained to particular category of pictures and image making which acquired the status of idols and were worshipped in Arabia. In Kaaba besides idols there were pictures of Abraham and Ishmael pbuh.

Thus only those pictures and images are prohibited in our religion which lead people towards polytheistic tendencies or painting things that go against morals and moral values are not allowed (like nude pictures or pictures that can encourage evil acts).

Presence of pictures on their own do not mean we cannot offer our prayers in that room. In Muslim house holds there are invariably pictures of Kaaba and also other famous mosques. We also may have picture of our family or even a beautiful scenery. Our prayer mats have pictures of Kaaba made out on them and we offer prayers on them.

Please,bear in mind that during the Meccan period prophet Muhammad sws would say his prayers in Kaa’ba knowing that there are 360 idols inside Kaa’ba.If it was forbidden to say prayers with idols around God would have forbidden Prophet sws to do so.We are bowing and prostrating before our one and only Lord and creator during our prayers,however,we must be careful that there should be nothing in front of us which distracts our concentration whilst saying prayers just like prophet sws removed pictures which were in font of him when he was about to say his prayers.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards

UIUK team

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