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Praying after Asr

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We hear a lot of concepts regarding the time span between Asr and Maghrib. Some say it is the time to do ‘Dhikr’ and some say one shouldn’t take a bath during this time. Can you please authenticate the significance of this part of the day in the light of Quran, Sunnah, Hadith?



Salaam sister

There is no reference in Quran or Sunnah regarding not taking a bath between Asr and Maghrib. The only forbidden times for prayers are sunrise and sunset.This precautionary measure is meant to curb polytheism, since many nations of antiquity worshiped the sun at these times. At all other times, prayers can be offered. Consequently, one can pray between asr and maghrib.

Explanation of following ahadith will clarify the misunderstanding among muslims about the subject;

The Prophet is reported to have said there is no prayer after dawn until the sun rises and there is no prayer after asr until the sun sets. (Bukhari, No: 561)

If all the texts of this Hadith are collected, it comes to light that a part of it has been left out in most of its texts. This can be observed from the underlined portion of the following two Ahadith:

Do not pray after asr except if the sun is high [in the sky]. (Musnad Ahmad, No: 1076)

Do not pray after asr except if the sun is shinning brightly high [in the sky]. (Bayhaqi, No: 4196)

In other words, what the Prophet (sws) actually forbade was praying very near the time of sunset since this might accidentally lead a person to pray in the forbidden period of sunset. Consequently, it is clear from these Ahadith that if one intends to pray after asr, one should make sure that one does so before sunset. One has not been stopped from praying after asr, as has been inferred by some.”

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