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Under magic spell

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In Egypt, in many ignorant societies- Magic is used as a way to pay back people or to hurt people for the fun of it. It is very common and it does happen.

My cousins are in Egypt, and they are experiencing the worst of the worst. Alhamdellah they are very good people, they do their duties as Muslims and revert to supplication and try very hard to please Allah.

They were in contact with people who use magic and actually have used magic on them. The thing is , is that they tried everything from supplication, reading Quran and doing their best to break any magic upon them.

I wanted to know whether there is a way to break this magic, and whom to consult or what certain ayas or supplications are there to destroy any magic.

Jazakum Allah Khair


My dear brother/sister,If one has a firm belief in Allah then one does not have to fear anything.You need to to advise your relatives that they need to put their trust in the Almighty and feel secure in that. He will reward and protect them if they keep their duty to Him and seek His refuge. If they do not trust Him and instead allow the people’s attempts to hurt them and create anxiety in them, then there is little wonder that this is happening.This is exactly what such people want.

Though you have mentioned that they are indeed good practicing Muslims, we will still stress the importance of being dedicated toward carrying out all the religious duties imposed upon us without negligence. It is vital that your relatives really do practice Islam sincerely. Do not allow yourselves to fail in fulfilling your duty to your Lord. Keep up regular prayers punctually; pay the necessary Zakat, fast properly in Ramadan and so on. Furthermore, keep God in mind constantly for then you shall remain on guard against sin and the Devil’s temptations. Do not allow yourselves to forget Allah (swt) because that’s when He too leaves you. The Almighty states, “Remember Me, I will remember you” (Al Baqarah 2:152). If you do this, then you truly have nothing to fear. People’s “magic” will then be as useless as a pencil without lead.

Interestingly, Allah (swt) asked the Bani Israel in Surah Al Baqarah, verse 40, to remember His favour upon them, to keep their duty fully to Him and as a result He would bless them with what He promised them. He then adds “And fear none but Me”. The very next verse ends with the same demand, “And fear Me, and Me alone”. So, it is clear that after realising and truly appreciating God’s favours – after fulfilling your duty toward Him to the letter – there should be no room open for fear of anyone other than God. This, as is evident, is stressed upon for good reason.

Lastly, we would advise that your relatives read Surah Al Falaq and Al Nas – the last two Surahs of the Qur’an – often, as they were specially revealed as supplications that are meant to be made to the Almighty for His protection against evils, including the evils of magic. If they keep their duty to God and trust Him fully, while fearing Him alone, then no magic can ever work against them.

May Allah (swt) protect us, aid us and make the path toward success simple for us Inshallah,


UIUK team

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