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When should zakat ul fitr be paid?

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It is a general understanding of muslims that zakat ul fitr,commonly known as fitrana, should be paid before the salah of Eid on Eid day.Is this an established practice of prophet Muhammad(pbuh)?


Paying zakat ul fitr is mandatory on every member of the househould no matter how old or young that member of the family is.There are varying reports on the time of payment of zaka ul fitr.According to one hadith of Bukhari prophet(pbuh)advised it to be given before the salah of Eid but according to other two ahadith from Bukhari it could be given few days before the Eid. As a principle if there are conflicting reports on an act by the prophet(pbuh)it would clearly mean that prophet(pbuh)did not make that act fixed.Therefore, we believe that zakat ul fitr can be paid either on the day of Eid before Eid salah or a few days earlier.


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