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Question. I have recently converted to Islam and was already living with a non-Muslim, whom I wished to marry. He does not believe and while I pray he will convert, it is still possible that he will not. I still intend to stay with him, though it is forbidden and we intend to have children. … Read more »

Question I have a Muslim friend who is planning on marrying a Catholic woman. The woman was previously married and conceived a boy.  She later divorced the father of the boy. The father is a “dead beat dad”. My Muslim friend loves the mother and the boy very much and they plan to get married and have kids.  … Read more »

Question: Is there any ayah or any hadith saying that in this world children will be called by their father’s names?   Answer: To give the child the name of his/her father is a social and not a religious tradition. The directive of the Qur’an, given in a somewhat related issue is that a child should not be ascribed … Read more »

Question: Why do you want to come to Stalybridge. We already understand Islam. You stone your women to death, you groom our children for sex, you blow up our trains, buses and buildings. You spread hate across Africa and murder people in shopping centres. What else do we need to know? You make your women … Read more »

Question: 1. In the UK now a days Isha Prayers begins at 10:30 p.m. at the earliest and the Fajr Prayers begins at about 2;30 a.m. What does one do in this situation to offer Tahajud Prayers? 2. I am told the ulama in the UK have decreed (Fatwa) that residents of the UK can … Read more »

Question : I would like to inquire about the status of women in Islam.   Reply   Before answering your question, I would ask you to consider two distinctly separate views regarding the humankind: According to one, all men (including women) are equal, and therefore a sound social system is one that is based on … Read more »

Question: Is there a direct order in the Qur’an for covering heads for women or is it derived from authentic hadiths or just from “ulema”? Reply The directive of head covering is derived from the Quran from surah Noor. The Qur’an says: …..And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze(turn their … Read more »

Question I am a doctor of internal medicine, and I have always considered myself to be an intelligent seeker of truth. I started college as an atheist with a strong attachment to logic. However, after a long rational investigation, many debates with friends on both sides, and several classes in philosophy, I came to the … Read more »

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